Dubbel aanzuigende ventilatoren

Dubbel aanzuigende ventilatoren


Double inlet centrifugal fans manufactured in galvanized steel, quality Z-275.

Bare shaft output for driven transmission by pulleys and belts. Double shaft end for easy mounting in 8 possible orientations.

Includes a backward curved polyamide impeller and Forefinger technology. The construction of the semi-reinforced series (RA), is manufactured with frames plus support cross-arms.

Product Prijs
THLZ-FF-RA180 € 858,00 ex. BTW Bekijken
THLZ-FF-RA200 € 879,00 ex. BTW Bekijken
THLZ-FF-RA225 € 913,00 ex. BTW Bekijken
THLZ-FF-RA250 € 991,00 ex. BTW Bekijken
THLZ-FF-RA280 € 1 104,00 ex. BTW Bekijken
THLZ-FF-RA315 € 1 284,00 ex. BTW Bekijken
THLZ-FF-RA355 € 1 554,00 ex. BTW Bekijken
THLZ-FF-RA400 € 1 802,00 ex. BTW Bekijken
THLZ-FF-RA450 € 2 064,00 ex. BTW Bekijken