5 position controller


The STR-1 series of transformer fan speed controllers regulate the rotational speed of single-phase voltage controllable motors by varying the output voltage. They are
equipped with auto-transformer(s) and control the speed manually in five steps. The technology used provides a regulated output voltage with a perfect sinusoidal shape.
The controllers up to 7,5 A are available in plastic enclosure, while the models above 7,5 A are available in a metal enclosure.

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Product Price
STR-1-10L10 (1.0A) € 120,00 Excl. VAT View
STR-1-15L22 (1.5A) € 134,00 Excl. VAT View
STR-1-35L22 (3.5A) € 166,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA-1-15L22 (1.5A) € 192,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA-1-25L22 (2.5A) € 226,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA-1-35L22 (3.5A) € 235,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA-1-50L22 (5.0A) € 281,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA-1-75L22 (7.5A) € 317,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA1100L22 (10.0A) € 510,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA1130L22 (13.0A) € 659,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA1160L20 (16.0A) € 973,00 Excl. VAT View
STRA1200L20 (20.0A) € 1 169,00 Excl. VAT View