Dubbel aanzuigende ventilatoren

Dubbel aanzuigende ventilatoren


Double inlet centrifugal fans manufactured in galvanized steel, quality Z-275, with backward curved blades metal impeller and Forefinger technology that enhances performance.

All fans within the range have the following characteristics:

Optimally engineered for HVAC applications, high efficency, compact design, low power consumption, quiet operation.
Allows the mounting of support feet, motor support bracket or by a motor support base. The features of this structure cover most of the applications.

Product Price
NTHZ-FF-AF315 € 1 454,00 Excl. VAT View
NTHZ-FF-AF355 € 1 622,00 Excl. VAT View
NTHZ-FF-AF400 € 1 904,00 Excl. VAT View
NTHZ-FF-AF450 € 2 219,00 Excl. VAT View
NTHZ-FF-AF500 € 2 539,00 Excl. VAT View
NTHZ-FF-AF560 € 3 072,00 Excl. VAT View
NTHZ-FF-AF630 € 3 476,00 Excl. VAT View
NTHZ-FF-AF710 € 4 252,00 Excl. VAT View